What is happening with Terra Luna and UST?
It has been a tough week for Terra Protocol, with UST and LUNA crashing hard. The protocol’s algorithmic stable coin tumbled below $0.3 before rebounding to 50% of its peg value
11 highlight-worthy quarterly earnings from 10 – 13 May
The Q1 earnings reports season continues and there are 11 companies to highlight this week! 👀 Let's take a brief look at each of them.
The Top 5 Economic Events of This Week
German ZEW Economic Sentiment, OPEC Meetings, U.S Consumer Price Index (MoM), U.K Gross Domestic Product (QoQ), and more – another big week ahead 👀 Let's take a look!
Markets get shaky right after the 6 May NFP release
In April, Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP) in the US rose by 428,000, surpassing the forecasted figures.
The FED's Interest Rate Decision & FOMC meeting is today – don't miss out!
The FED will reveal its interest rate decision, as well as hold the monthly FOMC meeting today starting from 21:00 (GMT +3).
8 highlight-worthy quarterly earnings reports this week
The Q1 earnings reports season continues and there are 8 companies to highlight this week! 👀 Let's take a brief look on each of them.
How US Banks Are Investing in The Crypto Market
In its relatively short span of existence, crypto has not only birthed more landslide innovations, but has enjoyed wide acceptance and use even from institutions that did not initially support it. Amongst the most convincing of all is the present move among banks in the U.S. Since 2020, several mainstream banks in the U.S have begun investing in the system.
The Top 4 Economic Events + Earnings This Week
Durable Goods Orders m/m, Australia Consumer Price Index (QoQ), United States Gross Domestic Product Annualized, and company's earnings – another big week ahead 👀 Let's take a look!
Stocks rally as the March CPI report signals inflation might be peaking
The unadjusted consumer price index (CPI) rose 8.5% from a year ago, surging above Wall Street's consensus of 8.4%.
The Top 5 Economic Events of This Week
US Consumer Price Index (MoM), RBNZ Interest Rate Decision, UK Consumer Price Index (YoY), US Retail Sales (MoM), and more – another big week ahead. 👀 Let's take a look!
How To Trade ETFs: A Detailed Guide
Do you know the characteristics that determine a profitable ETF and factors that affect the value of its underlying assets? If you don’t, read on.
What Is an ETF and How Does an Exchange-Traded Fund Work?
Is ETF a suitable investment for you? Read our guide and find out! We explain what ETF is, how it works, its differences with mutual funds and stocks, etc.

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