Invest in themed asset groups
Discover NAGA Portfolios, a revolutionary product that lets you manage your investment portfolio with just three clicks.
What is NAGA Portfolios
Make diversified investments, minimize risks and trade different groups of assets based on their risk-reward ratio. Choose from individually curated portfolios based on time durations and risk levels, after which it will be managed by an independent algorithm for investment real-time asset re-allocation to maximize gain potential.
Why NAGA Portfolios?
Advanced Social Investing Network

NAGA offers a place for traders to interact with like-minded peers, discuss current market conditions and results through your choice of personal, group or public chats.

Amongst the Top 50 ICOs of All Time

NAGA Group AG has successfully IPO’d in 2017 and has lead the world’s 18th largest token sale, with more than 63,000 subscribers, reaching >$50 million just a few months after the company’s debut on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

All-in-one Account

NAGA’s users are able to invest in over 800 markets, including cryptocurrencies, indices, forex, commodities, and even virtual items. They benefit from ultra-fast order speeds, low commission rates, and industry-leading security.

How to start?
Investing in a portfolio is a three-click process. Learn how to invest in NAGA Portfolios below:
Choose the risk plan based on your experience. There are three risk levels for you to choose from: Conservative, Moderate, Growth.
Decide on the duration of portfolio investment: short-term, mid-term and long-term investment periods.
Once you’ve found a portfolio that matches your personal strategy, click on “Invest in this portfolio.
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