Earn by getting copied

Becoming a top trader is a challenging road that requires great trading experience and the right tools. Even if you are an inexperienced trader, NAGA gives you a chance to develop your trading strategy and benefit from other newbies.

Reasons to become a top trader

Equip yourself with fresh market insights and market sentiment from the News Feed, show great performance and have others follow your strategy by copying your trades. Every time someone will copy your trade, you will instantly receive a copy payout straight to your account!

Copy Scheme

Complete trading achievements and earn greater commission as you rank up the levels.

Earn NGC Bonuses

Get up to $0.60 in NAGA Coin per copier when using an NGC-based trading account.

Instant Payoutse

Don’t wait! Get copied and earn your copy bonus in real-time once the trade is closed.

Easy-to-use Dashboard

Access your copy bonus funds in a user-friendly dashboard to withdraw them instantly or transfer them to continue trading!

Calculate your potential copy bonus

Ukážte vynikajúci obchodný výkon, zaraďte sa do rebríčka rebríčkov a získajte skopírované novinky. Urobte ďalšie peniaze okamžite s progresívnym systémom kopírovania bonusov.

Check out a detailed copy bonus plan
Vyplacanie v NGC
Vyplácanie v iných menách

100 kopírovanie

10000 kopírovanie

Posunutím kurzora zistíte potenciálny zisk

Copy bonus requirements

Be at least an IRON Trader
Open your own trade
Hold it longer than 5 minutes
Invest more than $100

Otvorte svoj účet NAGA

Získajte prístup k bezplatnej peňaženke kryptomeny, výmene digitálnych aktív a natívnej kryptokonverzii NAGA (NGC). Zaregistrujte sa a vybavte si jeden účet NAGA, ktorý ich zjednotí.

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