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Post Signals and get copy bonuses
Create groups and channels
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You trade, people copy your trades and we pay for it!

Simple as that!
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Publicly Listed Company Backed by Multibillion Fund FOSUN and a Regulated Broker

We are a publicly listed fintech company, listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. This means that all our operations are fully transparent, and we are supported by our multibillion dollar major shareholder FOSUN.
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People’s Feedback About NAGA

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Meet some of our NAGA Pro Members

Trader at NAGA
My Experience with NAGA is Great! I like that the platform is simple to undertsand, similar to Facebook, for example. And also autocopying feature is very simple to use and works good here. I would say NAGA is a social network for anyone, as any financial trader can use it without the need to be a professional. NAGA is a great tool for both beginners and PROs.
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Built his community fully with NAGA (Germany)
What I particularly appreciate about the NAGA platform, on which I have been registered since April 1st, 2020, is the first-class support. Each of the support members takes care of all questions about trading or technical issues. NAGA is super transparent, technically very well positioned and equipped with first-class support so that you can feel like a trader here at any time.

I particularly like the SocialTrading, i.e. the possibility to be copied! I already recommend the platform to friends, relatives and work colleagues to benefit from it too 🙂
Check’s profile
Trader from Brazil
NAGA is awesome! Not just because you’re given the opportunity to harvest money as a secondary income, but more because of the whole social media idea behind it. I found what works best for me. I really like using all the different tools to analyze charts, but also the Autocopy the most out of all of the features that are given by the NAGA Platform. Just make sure to use it in the right way! Must have! But always be aware of what you’re doing!
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Top 5 reasons
why NAGA can help your professional career in the trading industry:

We built all of the platform from scratch with our own team. We are running a regulated trading platform and brokerage for more than 4 years already.
We worked with thousands of professional clients, partners, influencers and educators. Thus, we understand what you need, and we treat each client with respect and special care.
A multimillion platform in your hands to leveradge it in the right way to also help you to benefit from it.
We are a publicly listed company with a multi-billion dollar Investment Funds backing us (Fosun) and have won several innovative awards for our platform. We are a good and solid partner to have.
We love what we do, we have a mission to “update and relaunch the trading industry” as much as we can. We innovate every month with 5-10 new features per month. With use you can be sure that you are on the top of trading industry.
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any way you prefer

We’re happy to let you do it your way. Introduce clients to us however you prefer, using your funnel of preference and your network of choice. Take a pick, we’re flexible.
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Educational Courses
Just as education needs the right teacher, you need the right partner.
Traffic Monetization
Make the most of your site's traffic. We're here to help you out.
Social Networks & Influencers
Your online presence, your reach and your influence, will be more valuable here.
You name it
There are many ways we can partner up. You provide the way, we provide the commissions!

How it works:

Set up
Your Profile

Create your own profile page, as you would on any social network.
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Bring your Community in

Invite your community to join NAGA and follow your profile.
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Trade and
get copied instantly

Start sharing your trades. Simply trade on NAGA where all your followers can automatically copy your trades based on their preferences.
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Instant Real-Cash

Whenever you get copied we pay you $0.30 (for copier / trade) withdrawable copy commission to your trading account. It’s unlimited and some of our trading influencers make $15 000 per month.
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Publish Signals – Like Instagram-Stories

Share your trading signals via NAGA stories which are shown to 600 000 people in the community.
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Free exposure for your brand & profile

Every signal is pushed to all traders in the entire NAGA platform on the most visible and visited spot. And again: Whenever someone copies your signals, you get copy bonuses instantly.
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You love to chat with your fellow traders? Then use NAGA Messenger

Create own channels and private groups. Tag a stock in the channel and truly chat & trade!
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How NAGA Solves Your Pain Points?

Most Common Problems:
NAGA Pro Solution
NAGA Product / Feature
To get more exposure for your brand and get new members to your service, you need to run marketing, ads and compete with various other services in the open market.
NAGA is your traffic source. We run large campaigns every day, have a large network and over 600 000 traders in the platform with thousands of new traders joining us daily.

Build your profile, engage with the community and get new clients right from the NAGA platform. If users follow you, subscribe to autocopy you or copy your signals, NAGA pays you an instant commission. So it’s a perfect way to get traffic, convert and monetize your content and knowledge as a NAGA Pro user!
Share your content and attract
NAGA Autocopy
Get paid per copied trade instantly
NAGA Signals
Publish daily trading ideas
NAGA Leaderboard
Show your performance and get daily copiers organically
Managing your service requires you to run and engage on different platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram, Twitter etc. You lose valuable time that could be better spent to focus on what you really love and do.
Use your Pro Profile as your marketing funnel. Get users to your profile, once they visit through your link the client is attributed to you for 60 days (cookie tracking) and once the client signs up.
NAGA User profile
with your inbuilt referral link for lead generation
If you share analysis or do coaching calls, you need to keep all your profiles in sync. Some people in your network miss out and you lose engagement.
Use the NAGA Feed and publish content on your personal profile. Share it, collect likes and comments. You can also use our webinar service and push webinars which everyone can subscribe to — we support GoToWebinar natively and will build your personal webinar page as well as automated schedule.
NAGA User profile
Share your content and attract
NAGA Webinars
If you run a trading community they usually are all spread across different broker services and providers which ends up with you having to explain to them how to handle issues with their specific broker.
Bring your community to NAGA and make them sign up with us. They will all have the same conditions and you can act as a spokesman for them and will receive extra care from your personal NAGA Pro account manager.
NAGA Trading Services
Your community/network is spread across brokers which causes everyone to be on different pricing conditions.
Let your entire Network trade on NAGA and receive special and preferred trading conditions which treats every one of your cilents equally.
NAGA Trading Services
If you publish analysis or signals, you need to post it to several channels and keep everything in sync.
Use our unique NAGA Signals and NAGA Autocopy services. Simply trade and get automatically copied proportionally to your position size OR publish signals via our unique “instagram-stories-like” signals service.
NAGA Signals
Publish daily trading ideas
NAGA Autocopy
Get paid per copied trade instantly
Your network needs to copy-paste their signals in one of their trading apps. Sometimes trades are missed out and it causes frustration amongst the traders.
NAGA notfies your network on each trade you make or signal you publish. Those from your network who subscribe to you as copiers automatically copy your trades, and for users who copied your signal it will be executed automatically once the signal is active.
NAGA Signals
Publish daily trading ideas
Making clients trade is sometimes not beneficial for you from a monetary perspective as you do not have agreements with all the brokers behind the clients.
NAGA Pro offers you various renumeration streams. If your clients subscribe to autocopy you, you get a $0,30 bonus per copier per trade. You can also enter into an professional affiliate agreement and get paid based on trading activity. Its all-in-one, saves you time and we guarantee you fast and instant payouts of your NAGA Pro commissions.
NAGA Autocopy Commission
NAGA Signals Commission
NAGA Commission wallet
Instant payouts
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Use NAGA Pro to your advantage

One platform with one account to efficiently share signals, engage with followers and earn commission
A full-scale trading platform with a native MT4/MT5 integration
Real-time Autocopy feature for your followers to instantly copy all your trades
Publish signals on 700+ instruments for your community
Create private channels for your followers to engage, share and communicate directly with your community
Benefit from a dedicated NAGA Pro Manager to help you build the best possible profile and earn the highest commissions
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Why should you join?

Managing a community across different channels and reaching satisfying conversion rates needs time, money and good tools

How can NAGA Pro
help me?

  • Personal profile with your referral link so you can use your NAGA page as a conversion funnel.
  • The most complete system from trading,to asset management, crypto wallet and exchange and our unique social trading feature “Autocopy”.
  • Professional support and your personal Account Mananger who will help you develop your NAGA Pro career to become a real trading influencer with instant commissions paid out to you.
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Hundreds of NAGA Leaders have earned more than

in the past months by sharing their trades on NAGA
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