Tied Agent

A Tied Agent is a person established in
a European Union member state, who is
acting under the full and unconditional
responsibility of only one Investment Firm
in an exclusivity agreement.

NAGA Markets Ltd is the European arm of the NAGA brand, offering a variety of financial services. As a Tied Agent, you will be approved by your local regulator in your region and by the CySEC, which is the regulator of NAGA Markets Ltd.

To become a Tied Agent of NAGA, you should be located in an EU member state, in order to be able to promote investment services, to attract clients, receive and transmit client orders on financial instruments, or provide advice to clients or prospective clients.

Who is eligible?
  • This program is aimed at professional firms and business consultants within the trading industry who operate within the European Union only.
  • Being a tied agent comes with a significant level of commitment and professionalism.
  • NAGA Partners manages the whole process of becoming approved and registered in all the relevant regulatory authorities.
  • NAGA will provide all the tools and A to Z support required during this journey.

NAGA Markets’ Tied Agents are expected to exclusively promote NAGA Markets’ investment services to clients or prospective clients, and their main functions shall include:

  • Brand promotion and marketing activities.
  • Customer support services.
  • Reception and transmission of clients’ orders through a website that will provide all the necessary information and tools to clients to perform their trading activities.
  • Promotion of NAGA Markets’ financial services to clients and prospective clients.