The NAGA Regional Office / NAGA Representative program
is considered to be one of the most prestigious
partnership models of our group.

This is a specific scheme targeting experienced and active partners who can help NAGA promote its ecosystem and services in a specific region. At NAGA we strongly believe in the localisation of services and support. This is a model that gives the maximum results while keeping clients satisfied and loyal.

We expect our regional representative to be able to manage a local NAGA office and to have all the basic required knowledge in the Financial Markets (Crypto & Forex) and in Blockchain industries. We offer full support and training to our local partners and employees.
At NAGA, we are open to discussing any idea that could enhance our brand image and expand our services in that region.

  • NAGA invests in long term partners and relationships.
  • Our local partners expand their business and grow together with NAGA.
  • NAGA’s regional representative program targets experienced partners who can help promote NAGA within their own local region.
  • A local partner can manage a regional office, offering a variety of services, including education in trading and blockchain, customer support, local sponsored events and seminars, multilingual webinars, etc.