Frequently asked

  • NAGA Partners is the leading Affiliate Program in the Financial Markets Sector. Being a NAGA Partner simply means working with a trusted, regulated, German FinTech group which is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and backed by the Chinese multi-billion listed FOSUN Group, as well as the Deutsche Börse Group (The German Stock Exchange).
  • A partnership with NAGA, offers attractive and fair compensation packages across all types of income streams, starting from bonus compensation in cryptos, to equity in the listed NAGA Group, based on KPIs & milestones.
  • Anyone wishing to engage in a partnership with NAGA will conform to one of the following partnership types:
    Introducing Brokers
    Online Affiliates
    Regional Offices
    Tied Agents
    Fund Managers
    Educators/ Trainers
  • Depending on your experience, the nature of your business and the anticipated result, you may negotiate a suitable commission plan tailored to you.
  • If you wish to become a NAGA partner, you simply need to click on the Join Now button and complete the required application form.
  • Once your application form is submitted, a Partner’s account manager will contact you within 48 hours to introduce you to our Partner Program and fully approve your account. Once your account is approved, you become eligible for payout and can make edits to your profile.
  • In order to have your Partner account fully approved, you will need to upload your KYC documents - POI (proof of Identification) and POR (proof of residence with an issue date no older than 6 months).
  • Signing up to the NAGA Partners program is free of charge.
  • You can find all available banners under Marketing Tools > Banner Farm. Each banner is assigned to a specific brand, type, language and theme. You can filter banners by these categories to find the most appropriate creative.
  • Click the ‘HTML Code’ or ‘JavaScript Code’ buttons and Copy & Paste this code into your page’s source code.
  • The tracking link is used to track clients referred by our partners. Affiliates must include their tracking link on their pages in order to get attributed for the commissions generated by their clients’ actions.
  • Each campaign has its unique tracking link and each tracking link is unique for each affiliate. NAGA Partners stores a cookie with your Partner ID when your visitor lands on our website(s). The cookie life depends on the plan your are promoting.
  • Each partner can get their tracking links in their partner portal; the dashboard contains quick links, while the Marketing Tools > Link Creator page allows for more granular detail to be defined in the link.
  • NAGA Partners offers a variety of commissions structures, designed for Online Affiliates (anonymous traffic) and for Introducers (direct and/or indirect client communication).
  • Online Affiliates can choose either Cost Per Installation (CPI), Cost Per Lead and Cost Per Action (CPA) plans.
  • Introducers can choose from a range of Cost Per Action (CPA), Lot Rebate and Hybrid Plans.
  • All partner types can promote the NAGA Partners program, and earn a Second Tier commision too.
  • Tailor-made products and bespoke commission structures are available for high net worth partners.
  • Yes, you can earn commissions from your clients that sign up under fund managers. You may also earn a Second Tier commission on the earnings of Fund Managers you refer!
  • You can monitor the commission that you are generating from all accounts which may include Installations and leads, retail clients, sub affiliates and investor accounts that are assigned to your Partner Account, directly in your Partner Portal under the Reports menu. A quick overview is also available in the Dashboard.
  • Yes. We have advanced reporting tools to help our Partners monitor their traffic, Traders List, Trader Transactions, Sub-Affiliate info etc. and view the introduced client’s progress through our sales and Achievements funnel.
  • Your affiliate payouts will be processed to your chosen Payment Setting.
  • Partner commission payments are executed on the 15th of every month.
  • Any kind of spam as well as traffic from hacked resources are forbidden
  • Opening trading and affiliate accounts using one IP through your own affiliate links is forbidden
  • Opening trading accounts yourself via your own affiliate links is forbidden
  • Publishing false information in order to attract more clients and deceive them is forbidden
  • Any paid search ads using the NAGA brand name is forbidden
  • Announcing false information with the aim of attracting more clients and deceiving them is forbidden
  • You can find the full list of the prohibited and/or not counted traffic sources in our Terms and Conditions. In case of rules violation, your account will be suspended pending investigation - and you will not be eligible for any payout.