About NAGA

Powered by NAGA Group AG - a German publicly listed FinTech company with focus on financial markets, virtual goods, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Since inception in 2015, NAGA has been the driving force behind disruptive change in the FinTech and financial services sector. NAGA products allow our users easy and simple access to acquire, store, trade and invest in financial markets, in cryptocurrencies and virtual goods. The NAGA Partners program is also in line with these company values and philosophy, providing you with industry leading plans, innovative incentives and a wide range of products and services to promote.

NAGA Group AG completed its IPO in the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2017 and followed up this success a few months later with the world's second largest ICO investor base with more than 63,000 subscribers in the NAGA token sale (raised +50m USD).

The NAGA Group AG is backed by some of the world’s largest and most prestigious shareholders, such as mainland China’s largest private multi-hundred-billion dollar investment company, FOSUN Group, the German Stock Exchange (Deutsche Börse AG), as well as Germany’s second oldest bank, Hauck & Aufhaeuser (founded 1796).

With our trading volume already exceeding 5 billion Euros per month, and exciting new products coming, now is the time to join NAGA Partners.

Some of our achievements

  • NAGA

    is a listed
    FinTech Group
    on the Frankfurt
    Stock Exchange

  • 2nd

    World’s second
    largest ICO

  • 63k+

    during the ICO

  • 150+

    Employees in
    6 international offices

  • $5B

    Five billion monthly
    in trading volumes

  • Disruptive.

  • Multiple

  • Regulated

    NAGA also owns several EU financial licences

Be a NAGA Partner

The NAGA culture is to identify opportunities, test partnerships, adjust strategies and then add aggressive marketing budgets to build the funnel and increase conversion.

Being a partner of NAGA, means working with a fast-paced, trusted and regulated German FinTech group listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, backed by major investors.

Our proposal is a NAGA partnership for Online Affiliates and Introducers offering attractive and fair compensation packages which are both generous, incentivized for you and in the best interests of the users you introduce.

NAGA ensures that our partners work closely with a highly skilled, experienced, passionate & responsive global team of experts that put you and your clients first!