NAGA Protector

Secure your profits and limit losses while trading on NAGA. Set up Take Profit and Stop Loss limits for free.

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Secure profits
Don't miss the best price! Set up a Take Profit and your trade will automatically close ensuring your profits are safe and sound.
Guaranteed Stop Loss
Reduce the impact of a bad market move by adding a Stop Loss to your order. You won't incur additional losses if the volatility plays against you.
Choose your stategy
The NAGA Protector is here for you when you need it! Manage your risk and choose which strategy to follow.
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Focus on opening new trades, not on closing the existing ones
Without NAGA Protector
Without the NAGA Protector, you can spend a lot of time checking all your open positions trying not to miss the “right” price and to avoid big losses.
Earning money
and closing trades
With NAGA Protector
With the NAGA Protector enabled, you can spend more of your time keeping up with the markets knowing your stop loss and take profits levels have been set.
Earning money
with investors
Finding new
Choose an asset
Go to the Markets section and select one of our various trading instruments you prefer.
Set limits
Enable NAGA Protector and set the Take Profit (green) and Stop Loss (red) limits for your order.
Open a trade
Open a trade and NAGA Protector will automatically close your trade when it meets the conditions you set.
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