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All NAGA users of any account type and any trade size enjoy low market spreads. We constantly adapt our spreads in order to always provide to all our clients the most attractive conditions across all markets.

Spreads fijos o variables?

The spreads offered on the NAGA platform are variable, exactly like the ones you get on the interbank forex market. Variable spreads are usually lower than fixed ones and, for this reason, come without an insurance premium.

Also, during certain events and news, forex brokers impose trading restrictions on their fixed spreads. NAGA’s customers are never subjected to such trading restrictions.

Precios fraccionales de los Pips

We offer fractional pip pricing to all our clients in order to be able to get the best prices available from our various liquidity providers. This way, all of our clients can benefit from a 5th decimal, fraction, to the price instead of the more standard of just a 4-decimal one. What this means is that our pips are rounded up or down to the 5th decimal place which results in a better price for our traders.

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