Market Insights
Markets get shaky right after the 6 May NFP release
In April, Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP) in the US rose by 428,000, surpassing the forecasted figures.
8 highlight-worthy quarterly earnings reports this week
The Q1 earnings reports season continues and there are 8 companies to highlight this week! 👀 Let's take a brief look on each of them.
Twitter Accepts Elon Musk’s $44 Billion Offer
Twitter announced that it has accepted Elon Musk’s proposal to buy the social media company for roughly $44 billion and take it private, sending its shares up 5.64% on the news. We'll give you a brief overview in detail of the news here. 👇🏻
How US Banks Are Investing in The Crypto Market
In its relatively short span of existence, crypto has not only birthed more landslide innovations, but has enjoyed wide acceptance and use even from institutions that did not initially support it. Amongst the most convincing of all is the present move among banks in the U.S. Since 2020, several mainstream banks in the U.S have begun investing in the system.
Markets rally despite a hawkish Fed announcement
The Federal Reserve yesterday approved the first interest rate hike in over three years and outlined an aggressive plan to restrict borrowing costs in 2023. The move comes amid rising economic risks due to growing inflation and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 🏦
U.S. CPI Preview: What to expect?
Today at 15:30 (GMT +2), the United States is expected to publish CPI data for February, with economists expecting a 7.9% YoY reading, compared to a 7.5% YoY reading in January. Economists estimate Core CPI print to be around 6.4% YoY, compared with 6% in January.
Key Commodity and Pharma market trends to watch in 2022
Just when there was a glimpse of hope for 2022, and nearly every sector was bouncing back, the Omicron variant was detected. This new variant was first detected in Botswana on November 11th 2021, and on December 1st, the first U.S case was identified. WHO classified it as a variant of concern (VOC), causing lockdowns in airports almost immediately. Omicron now gives investors flashbacks to early 2020, when the pandemic first hit.
What happened in the FOMC meeting yesterday?
In yesterday's FOMC meeting, the Fed left its policy settings unchanged following its January policy meeting as expected. While responding to questions from the press, FOMC Chairman Jerome Powell noted that there was "quite a bit of room" to raise the policy rate without hurting the labour market.
An update on Evergrande and its current status
According to Fitch Ratings, the highly leveraged Chinese building developer Evergrande Group (EGRNY) is in default on its debt services. As a result, s&P Global Ratings and Moody's ratings assigned to Evergrande were not issued until December 10, 2021.
Ethereum outperformed BTC by approximately 260% in 2021 🤯
The two biggest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum, recorded all-time highs in November last year, with BTC trading at around $69,000 and Ethereum at around $4,800. The battle between these two coins dragged out last year, and for the first time since its inception, we saw Ether outperform BTC by over 260%.
Why Could 2022 Be a Good Year for Tesla?
Electric cars continue their boom, and Tesla reflects it very well at the moment, with its increasing market share figures. Traditional car manufacturers, on the other hand, have reacted too late and are now trying to make up for their mistake with great commitment. But so far, Tesla has been ahead of the game. 🥇🚗
Will Stocks Fall as the FED Prepares to Hike Interest Rates in March?
Global equities opened the new year in a bearish tone as investors digest news from central banks. Regulators are getting increasingly nervous about rising inflation that is slowly becoming a political problem, let alone an issue for economists and analysts.

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