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There is the traditional way of making money from trading, which is by closing trades on the green, and then there’s the new, social way, which is by being Copied or Auto-Copied.
Thousands of traders on NAGA can benefit from your successful trading activity. And you get an additional income on top of your trades!
Bigger commissions, bigger earnings!
It’s not just that we give you high commissions. It’s also that the bigger trader you become, the higher the commissions you earn.
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Be a Top Trader
Your success rate can take you higher on the NAGA Top Traders list and be shown to more people. The higher you are on the list, the more chances you have to get Copied or Auto-Copied.
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It’s a win, win!
They emulate your trading success and you get to earn more money by doing nothing more than what you always do! You just trade and earn commissions from every person that Copies or Auto-Copies you.
How do you get in?
You don’t have to do a single thing! You just need to meet the requirements:
Be at least an IRON trader
Open a trade and hold it longer
than 5 minutes and
Give them reasons to
follow you
Be an influencer that counts
… in your bank account!
Grow your network and hence your chances of getting copied.
  • engage with other users
  • share your insights with them
  • give them reasons to follow you
The more you interact with the trading community, the more you grow. And the more you grow, the more chances of being copied you have
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Use NAGA Messenger
NAGA Messenger is a great way to stay in touch with your followers. You can create chat groups and share your trading views and analyses. Assign instruments to the group and help the group members open trades directly through messenger!
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