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Financial trading for everyone
NAGA Coin is the utility coin that allows you to invest across all financial asset classes on a propreritary trading platform — powered by a community of 600 000 people and billions of traded volume.
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The NAGA Ecosystem

    Financial Trading

  • Trade short and long positions with leverage on more than 800 financial assets such as Apple, EURUSD, Oil,Gold or Bitcoin-CFDs.
  • Copy and get copied thanks to NAGAs unique copy-trading system.
  • Enjoy a personalized news feed powered by a 600.000 user community.
  • Set up your crypto-based trading accounts and realize your profits in Bitcoin, Etherum, USDT or NGC!
  • Super fast deposits and withdrawals.
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Crypto Exchange

  • Trade in real-time the orderbooks of the worlds most popular cryptocurrencies
  • Easily transfer your funds
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    Crypto Wallet

  • Securely store & manage your cryptocurrencies.
  • Buy & sell crypto instantly with the NAGAX integration.
  • Move funds from and to your NAGA Trading account and trade the financial markets.
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Trade with NGC

trading accounts
The NAGA Platform offers you a wide choice of crypto-denominated trading accounts
  • Open a real-money trading account, get verified and manage your trading accounts;
  • Choose from BTC, USDT, ETH and of course NGC-based trading accounts and add them to your profile;
  • Start Trading!
Your profits & losses, your account balance and all your trades are displayed in the account currency of your choice.
You can deposit and withdraw at any time and enjoy trading the financial markets with short & long positions combined with leverage.
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NAGA offers you a worldwide unique crypto-copy trading concept

  • Use your crypto-based trading account and trade the financial markets on NAGA.
  • All your trades are automatically published and feed your trading performance so you can appear on the NAGA real-time leaderboard.
  • Other traders who stumble upon your profile can view all your trades copy them proportionally in real-time.
  • When you trade, they trade!
The best thing:
On top of your trading results your collect real-money bonuses! NAGA pays you up to $0,60 (when using your NGC account trade) per copier per trade!
Our best traders already earned more than €200,000 in copy bonuses!
See the proof here
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The Utility Concept

NAGA Coin is an integral part of the NAGA platform.
NAGA offers a social network with an integrated trading platform where you can choose from +800 tradable assets such as Forex, Indicies, Stocks, ETFs, Metals, Commodities and Cryptocurrency CFDs. The most popular feature is NAGA Autocopy where you can view other real-traders trades and copy their positions automatically.
The best thing: You do not need a bank account to trade the financial markets!
Deposit NGC to NAGA Wallet to store them securely or to move them to your trading account
See your trading P&L in NGCs and realize profits in NGC on more than 800 assets
Attract copiers to your trades and earn up to $0,60 worth of NGC per copier per trade
Buy & Sell physical NGC via our crypto exchange NAGAX Receive NGC bonuses once your reach NAGA rewards
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Buy & Invest
into NGC

We are listed on the top exchanges such as Bittrex and also provide you NGC to FIAT investment opportunities through our own exchange.
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